Our Mission

ankle injury photo

Fairwood Spine and Pain Center, P.A. aims to make the most advanced, modern, effective, and evidence-based chronic pain techniques and therapies accessible to all persons of various backgrounds.

runner healed from ankle injuryWe employ a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, treatment plan tailored to each patient’s needs. This approach ensures that we involve other specialists as well as use various diagnostic tests to better understand the patient’s pain process as well as manage pain. This way the patient is exposed to all options and services that would best manage their pain.

Are you suffering from back, ankle, knee, hips or neck pain? Call our Bowie or Salisbury, MD office to make an appointment to ease your pain.

Our primary objective is to employ safe and effective treatment plans that help restore function, improve quality of life and manage pain. We also emphasize patient education, which helps patients to better cope with their pain.

We want you to get back to exercising and having a healthy, active life.



During inclement weather, please check here or call the office at 301- 776-6500 for updates regarding our operating status.

The office is open for business during normal business hours.